Thursday, May 2, 2013

Smart contracting under English law

Yesterday, me and my colleague S were invited to a half-day seminar, hosted by the law firm Ince & Co at the Shangri-La hotel. I underestimated the time as usual and arrived in half-panic. There was a light breakfast served with pastries, coffee, tea, juice and fresh fruits before the seminar started. /The seminar itself was very interesting and for me, being new to the shipping industry, it was very useful. The speakers were all very well prepared and they brought up some interesting topics. After the seminar, we were all invited to a lovely buffet lunch (I felt a bit awkward to pull out my phone to take pictures, so hence, no pics this time either) before we both literally rolled down the stairs and out to get our cars from the valet parking and then headed straight to the office.
The weather has been very strange the last week. Cloudy, windy and with a modest rain/drizzle almost every day! That is very unusual here, maybe you get some rainy days (during winter) but they usually last maximum 1-2 days and then the blue sky is back.
Today we start the day with company breakfast which is a nice, monthly event. Everyone gets together in the lunch area for a nice breakfast, someone is holding a presentation and there is a bit of socializing before we all go back to our desks and get ready for the last working day of the week.
Tomorrow I desperately need to find some new clothes as I am now restricted to a few pieces only. And I also need to visit the good old blue and yellow store for some candles, lingon berry jam and prawns! Joli has a playdate on Saturday with a class friend and she happens to have an older brother who seemed keen to hang out with Elias, hence, a double play date and I get to spend a few relaxing hours on the beach! Win win as hubby needs to stay home and study for his PPC...
Well, I wish you all a great weekend!


  1. Vilken skön jobbanda ni verkar ha på ditt jobb:)

    Om du vill ha ett gott brödrecept kan du kika in till mig:)

    Jag önskar en härlig helg

    LOVE Maria

  2. Så trevligt på jobbet! Kul när man gör nåt lite annorlunda tillsammans. Ha det bra. Kram

  3. I also want a real job with breakfast buffets and pastries:) The IKEA prawns sound like a safe bet, probably no horse meat :)

  4. Den där frukosten lät väldigt trevlig. Bra idé!

    Kram Pernilla

  5. Yup, weird weather indeed.. too weird actually. Anyway, the yellow blue store is having a sale.. they woke me up this morning with the unwanted sms.. disrupting my sleep like this, they better be good! ;)