Thursday, June 27, 2013

Last day of school

Today is finally the last day of school. The kids have waited and so have I. Honestly I don't understand why they couldn't finish last week as all they have done this week is receiving their reports (and both kids did fantastic this year, I am so proud of them), have informal class parties and watch movies. They are tired, Elias was home sick on Sunday and Joli yesterday. It is definitely time for summer holiday after a long, but interesting school year.
Most of our friends have already left Dubai as people tend to in June. We are here of course and I think the kids are just looking forward to hang around at home, doing nothing.
I received great news from my work, my probation time is over (3 months) and they still want to keep me! As I have said before, I love my new job, the challenges, the people, all the new things I'm learning every day.
The other day, I and a few colleagues attended another legal seminar about sanctions in the shipping industry. It was hosted by the law firm Clyde & Co and held at Radisson Blu. The seminar was very interesting, discussing the impact of the EU sanctions on Iran and the new extended US sanctions from 1st of July. After the seminar, there was a networking session with wine and nibbles. I met a Swedish colleague from the same company but different office and we quickly decided to gather a few girls from the office for an after work on Tuesday.
I have promised to take the kids somewhere fun on Saturday. Joli wants to go to Kidzania, which is an amazing place where kids can try out different professions, earn fake money and get fake driver's licenses etc. It starts with a proper Emirates airline check in counter outside where the kids get their tickets and boardingpasses before leaving for Kidzania. A great concept and kids seem to love it. Elias however declared that he is too old for that now, so he wants to go to Sega republic and play games. We shall see.



  1. Congratulations to your kids on finishing school and doing such a fantastic job and congratulations to you for having completed the 3-month probation period!!! I am so happy to hear that you love your new job. It's so much more fun to go to work if you love what you are doing.
    When are you guys leaving for Greece?
    Have a great day!
    Kram, Lisa

  2. Hej :)

    Ja, visst är det underbart med sommarlov! Så mysigt att bara få vara tillsammans :)

    Vad roligt med seminarium, alltid lärorikt :)

    Ha det så härligt i Grekland!

    Kram Susanne