Monday, July 1, 2013

A fun-filled weekend

On Tursday evening, I and hubby joined Mitzie Mee for some delicious tapas at Al Hambra, Al Qasr. I have been there a few years ago and it was just as nice this time. We shared a whole set of various tapas dishes and they all tasted amazing. After the tapas, we took a stroll over to the Belgian Beer Café for some more drinks.
A week ago, my neighbor and friend B convinced me to join her for a boxing session early Saturday morning. I was all excited and set my alarm for 5.30 and off we went. The session starts at 6.30, and it was tough but great fun! It was a combination of circuits and boxing and needless to say, we were both exhausted afterwards but felt extremely happy with our achievements that morning! Later that day, I took the kids to Dubai Mall for their treat after completing the academic years with great success. Joli went to Kidzania with Teresa and I took Elias and his friend to Sega Republic where they played games, went on various rides and had a great time. Kidzania is a fun place where the kids can try different professions and earn kidzos (Kidzania money). It all starts at an Emirates counter (identical to the real ones at the airport) where the kids check in and receive a first class boarding pass. They then enter the boarding gate and proceed to their destination. Inside they can try being Pilots, be Firefighters, Doctors, Nurses, Chefs, Make up artists etc. They can also get their own Kidzania driver's license. Joli had a blast and when we left the mall, around 3 pm, we were all pretty exhausted and decided to cool off by the pool. The weather is hot but not as hot as it uses to be and yesterday was a bit hazy too, perfect pool weather!

Chunky pieces of melon topped with ham

The first week of the summer holiday has just started and the kids are enjoying themselves. No early mornings, no homework. This morning we paid our annual visit to the dentist and all went well. Always nice to have that sorted before going on vacation!


  1. Vad kul med det där Kinzania! Det lät verkligen som ett roligt ställe.
    Och vilken bra vecka ni haft. Och nu sommarlov. Vem är hemma med barnen för ni arbetar ju båda två? Här har vi ju dagis öppet hela sommaren vilket har varit otroligt bra för oss som okcås arbetar heltid båda två, men nästa år då E böjar K-garten blir det skillnad. Då lär vi behöva kolla upp camps och liknande.

  2. Det ar ett toppenroligt stalle,det ar nastan sa man skulle vilja prova pa sjalv hahahaha! Det har varit en harlig vecka och sa skont att ungarna far vila ut pa morgonen och slipper laxor. Var nanny/maid Teresa ar hemma med barnen men nu pa fredag aker hon hem till Filippinerna I tre veckor sa da far vi lite hjalp sista veckan innan semestern av en grannes maid. Det ar toppen att de kan hjalpas at!
    Barnens skola erbjuder aktiviteter efter skolan och aven nagon form av "fritids" eller vad man ska kalla det men det kostar ju extra och sa har vi ju Teresa hemma hela tiden, annars ar det en bra losning om man inte har maid till exempel.
    Spannande att Lill-Skruttan ska borja Kindergarten! Jag fattar inte att Joli ska borja Grade 1 I host!
    Ni sag ocksa ut att haft en underbar helg med kalas och vilka fina bjorkar! Just bjorkar far mig alltid lite nostalgisk och langta hem lite extra!

  3. Wow, det later som ett toppenställe för barn! Den idén borde de exportera till Europa!
    Härligt att sommarlovet har börjat hos er! Hos oss börjar det nu pa fredag!