Sunday, July 21, 2013

Hello Greece

Apologies for the blog silence! I and the kids left early Sunday morning for Athens and after an hour of anxious waiting at the staff travel counter, our seats were finally confirmed (the joys of standby again). We managed to see half an hour of hubby, returning from Adelaide, before our taxi arrived and we headed out to the airport. The flight went smooth, kids enjoyed a movie and I was listening to some music and tried to get myself into vacation mode. It is funny, you are looking forward to it so much but once it's there, I find it hard to relax in the beginning. Hence my blog silence, I just needed to land, literally. We landed in a sunny Athens and hopped on the bus to Piraeus, which reminded me of when I was back packing around the Greek islands in 1996. After an hour of waiting in Piraeus, we could finally get on the speed boat to Poros island and arrived 1,5 hour later. The hotel, New Aegli Hotel, is located just by Askeli beach on the "other" side of Poros port. It is not more than 1,5 km away and easy to walk (not with luggage and two tired kids though). We quickly settled in and the kids insisted on a dip in the ocean before dinner.
The hotel is very nice with a large terrace overlooking the sea, where you can enjoy a nice meal or a drink. It takes two minutes to the beach and the water is crystal clear. Our first day, the kids spent the entire day in the water and I had to drag them up.
We normally enjoy a nice breakfast buffet in the morning before heading to the beach. In the afternoon, we stroll down to Poros (it takes about 20 min and is a good exercise). The port of Poros is quite small with lots of cafeterias, bars and restaurants overlooking the sea. Luxurious yachts and sailing boats are anchored along the marina and I have to say it looks very pleasant.
After a stroll around town, kids are normally quite tired so we take a taxi back and have dinner either at the hotel or at a nearby restaurant. The food is great and the people are very friendly.
Today is our last day here in Poros and the weather is a bit cloudy, which is actually quite nice. The kids decided to hang out by the pool instead and later this afternoon, we will do our daily stroll down to Poros and then take a water taxi to the neighbouring town of Galatas, just opposite of Poros. It is literally a stone throw away but you still need a boat to get there. Galatas is located on the eastern side of the peninsula Peloponnese.

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