Sunday, July 21, 2013

Missing passports

Apologies again, but I am having the most relaxing time in months! The kids and I left Poros on Thursday morning with the speed boat and arrived in Piraeus around 10 am. Everything went smooth and we bought tickets for the bus up to the airport. The bus arrived and there were quite a lot of people trying to board it. A very nice guy assisted Elias with one of the bags. What surprised me was that he wasn't even getting on the bus, but yet being so helpful. We got on, sat down and I quickly went through my purse (as I normally do) to see that everything was there and soon discovered that one thing was missing. A pink folder, the same size as an ipad was missing. It contained our tickets and most important, our passports. I cannot describe the panic when I realized that it was actually missing, not accidentally misplaced in another bag. And it then struck me that the helpful guy must have taken it out of my purse whilst assisting Elias with the suitcase. He must have thought it was an ipad. We jumped off the bus at the next stop and ran back to the bus stop. Not quite sure why, maybe I was still hopeful that I maybe had lost it and it would still be there, somewhere near the bus stand. Poor kids didn't quite understand the seriousness but they realized that something had happened, something NOT good. I tried to figure out a plan B. Where is the Swedish embassy located? How can we get emergency passports? And luckily enough I still had money in my other purse. I went straight back to the ticket booth where we purchased the tickets for the airport bus and asked the lady if by any chance, someone had returned a pink folder. And yes, someone indeed had! When she took out the pink folder, my pink folder and handed it to me, I thought my heart was going to stop again. Elias had tears in his eyes of relief and I think I thanked every possible God there is. So he stole my pink folder but had the conscious enough to return it when realizing it was neither an ipad nor contained any cash. I opened it quickly and everything was still there, all our passports and tickets. But someone had indeed gone through all the receipts and various documents. After this minor shock, we quickly got new tickets for the airport bus and got on the next bus. I couldn't believe my luck. Maybe it was my Dad watching over us that day.
We arrived in the airport one hour later, got our rental car and drove up to the house in Schinias. The house is fantastic. Located on a slope, overlooking the Aegean Sea and its crystal clear water. The closest small town is Marathonas, where we usually go to buy groceries. It is a cute little town with a small square and a church.
Pictures to follow!


  1. Oj oj, inget man vill uppleve, även om det ordnade sig tillslut lyckligt. Kan tänka mig den stunden från det du upptäcker att det är borta tills du får det igen, med pass och biljetter. Pust med en puls som ligger på max som värsta maratonlopp!.
    Härligt att det ordnade sig/ Kram

  2. Vilken panik, men skönt att det ordnade sig tillslut!

    /Christian Berghänel

  3. Nä, usch! Skönt att det fixades till sist. Jag kunde känna känlsan i magen. Kram