Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Post vacation blues

I am back at the office and even if I truly love my job, it is a bit depressing. I could easily have stayed another week in Greece but I guess that is the general feeling after a vacation, it seems too short?
The children have another month of holidays and they are enjoying it to the fullest. Elias had barely landed on UAE soil before he was off to friends for playdates and sleep overs. I have hardly seen him. Teresa returned from her annual trip to the Philippines and Joli has been almost glued to her since then. Husband arrived from Brisbane/Singapore the other day and we had a nice catch up over a few drinks and a nice dinner at home.
It is still Ramadan and extremely hot outside. However, we are planning to go out for a nice meal tonight, the whole family as we have not done any family orientated activities in a long time (the kids truly missed their Dad during our holidays). We are aiming for the excellent Italian restaurant Pregos at Media Rotana, Al Barsha. The never disappoint when it comes to the cured ham, gorgeous steak and not to mention, the amazing Crème Brulee (Amaretto, Pistacchio and Vanilla). To die for!
Husband is off to Colombo on Thursday and I am going out with some of the office girls. According to the moon, Eid (the festivities that mark the ending of Ramadan and beginning of the new month) should fall on the 9th of August but this has yet to be confirmed. I am sure it must be a psychological thing, but just because you are not allowed to eat, all you can think of is food!!!
And speaking of food, I bought a Greek cooking book while on holiday. There are so many wonderful recipes that stretches further than the usual souvlaki and gyro and I am looking forward to try something soon. We did get addicted to the Greek salad but soon realized that one of the main reasons it tasted heavenly is because of the vegetables. You can never find such natural tasting vegetables here in the UAE.
Below are a few photos I took with my Blackberry!

Me outside our hotel in Athens

The kids goofin around

SPA treatment?

And Elias got his fair share too

Gorgeous Greek salad

Tired Joli waiting for food

View from our hotel in Poros

Jumping Joli

Sister and brother

View over to Galatas

Pork roast

Gyro lunch

Our house in Schinias

Afternoon champagne

And we made brownies to celebrate friend T's birthday!

At the Acropolis



  1. Härliga bilder! Semestrar har en tendens att aldrig vara tillräckligt långa...

  2. Ja man onskar att de kunde fortsatta I all oandlighet, fast da skulle val tjusningen med sjalva semestern forsvinna... :):)