Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ramadan Kareem

The Moon Sighting Committee announced on Monday that Ramadan will start in the UAE today, July 10. As per UAE law, all companies have to adjust the working ours to Ramadan hours which means work starts at 8 and finishes at 2, without any lunch break. The start of Ramadan also means that all cafes, restaurants, food courts will be closed until Iftar, when the sun goes down but will then stay open until midnight. The roads are usually congested around 2 when everyone leaves work and also before Iftar, when people are meeting up to break the fast together with friends and family.
This is our 6th Ramadan in the UAE. The first year when we moved here in 2008, it was a bit shocking to find that everything was closed during day time but you do get used to it. You don't plan any outings that involve food during the day. Most hotels offer wonderful Iftar- buffets with traditional Arabic food but also more international flavoured buffets.
During Ramadan, the bars are open as usual but no alcohol is served until after Iftar and there is no music or dancing.
Yesterday, the much dreaded Dubai heat finally struck us and the temperature hit 48. It is a dry heat though, which is better than the humidity but it is still warm. It felt like walking around in a large baking oven.


  1. Oj, vad tiden går. Tänk att ni varit hela 6 år i UAE.. Alltid lika spännande med Ramadan, jag undrade alltid, vad händer nu? Jo, kollegorna var inte på plats..:)

  2. Verkar väldigt exotiskt med Ramadan!

  3. Oj så varmt! Ramadan verkar lite jobbig, att inte få äta hur som helst. Eller kanske bra, med tid för eftertanke...