Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The last day of July and getting back into my workout routine

Time flies. It is the last day of July and I am wondering to myself, where did these 7 months go?
Yesterday, hubby, kids and I headed to Media Rotana hotel for a wonderful meal at Italian restaurant Pregos. Husband and I started off with a plate of various cured meat, salami, parma ham and other delicacies that I can't remember the name of. Since it is still Ramadan, wine and other alcoholic beverages were only served at 8 pm. The children decided to go for pizza (Joli) and lasagna (Elias). I opted for a seabass and seabream fillet with roasted garlic potatoes and hubster ordered a rib eye with roasted rosemary potatoes. The steak was excellent, it melted in my mouth (as I had to try a small piece from hubby's plate). My fish was also cooked into perfection and the skin fell off just by looking at it. By the time our main course arrived, it was 8 o' clock so we could enjoy a glass of wine with our meal. I am not a huge dessert fan but at Prego's, they serve the most amazing Crème Brulee with three different flavours, all served in tiny glasses. We all happily dug into the smooth Crème Brulee and after that, we had definitely reached our limit for how much one can consume in one night.
As you all know, I hired a PT in the beginning of May with varied results. In May, the weather was still nice enough to exercise outdoors but came June and July, it simply got too hot. Just stepping outside the door made me sweating and panting. The initial idea behind the PT was to bring him to our compound gym and we could go through some exercises and routines. However, the security rules at our compound would not allow that (silly, and very much Dubai) so we had to stick to my garden. Going forward, I will probably try to opt for another PT at a proper gym this time and hopefully get inspired enough to continue on my own. The PT was great, not his fault things are so unflexible here in Dubai but ultimately, if you are going to pay that much of money, you want full value (and a proper, air conditioned gym!). I am sure, in September and October it will be perfectly ok to exercise outside again, but I can't wait until then. I did sign up for a boot camp class that will start up in the fall in the compound. That will be great fun (I will probably have to revise that comment later on...)
As of now, I just signed up for my first spinning class in months. Baby steps.

This is where I'd rather be today...


  1. Prego sounds nice. Can't believe it's July 31 already! See you soon in Dubai.

  2. Prego sounds nice. Can't believe it's July 31 already! See you soon in Dubai.

    1. We must go there! I'm sure you will like it! See you soon! When are you back in the Sandpit?