Sunday, August 25, 2013

A very relaxing weekend

Last week at work was very hectic and I also managed to complete two work out sessions so when Thursday arrived, I was knackered. I had the girls over for some wine on Thursday evening and on Friday we didn't do much, other than the weekly grocery run. Friend T and S went up to Umm Al Qwein Marine Club but I had to decline as I was just too tired. We spent the afternoon reading and relaxing and I prepared a nice piri piri chicken dish for dinner.
On Saturday morning, I and friend A got together for a lovely breakfast. Her sons brought home baked bread and scones and I think Elias felt the preassure so he put the alarm clock on 6 and went up and prepared creamy and delicious scrambled eggs! I was quite surprised as I never thought he was interested in cooking. Perhaps I should give him some more time in the kitchen?
The rest of the day was spent by the pool side in our compound and in the afternoon, friends from Luxembourg joined us for a BBQ. They were here for a two week vacation. It was three years since we first met (the husband in the family is a friend and colleague of my friend P) over dinner at their hotel. It was a very nice evening and the kids got on really well, despite the fact that they didn't really understand each other! The boys were clever though and communicated via google translate!! Anything works!
We grilled beef and served with the classic Hasselbacks potatoes, garlic butter and a salsa on the side.
Various cold cuts

Home made scones

Luxury breakfast!

Hasselbacks potatoes

Salsa romanesca and garlic butter