Thursday, August 8, 2013

Eid Mubarak

The anticipation and excitement is high. Will the Moon Sighting Committee spot the new moon tonight and declare tomorrow as the beginning of Shawwal and the Eid celebrations? Apparently they are to meet up tonight at 7 pm. We are all crossing fingers and toes that tomorrow is a Public Holiday.
Update! The moon crescent was spotted last night and Eid started! That was a very welcomed announcement which meant that today is a Public Holiday and also, everything is back to normal with cafes and restaurants open during daytime.
We went to Mirdif City Centre, a large mall, to do our weekly grocery run but also enjoy a coffee and lunch. The day off was well needed, I slept in and have been reading and relaxing all day. Tonight we are having some friends over for a BBQ and tomorrow I promised to take Joli to the movies!
Eid Mubarak everyone!