Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Re- decorating and sushi night out

Fall is the perfect time for changes. My entire body is itching for some kind of change upstairs. Again, I have vague plans for the kids room but not quite sure what I want to do and husband is holding me back (rightly so) since the kids rarely sleep in their room and they tend to do their homework either in the living room or the office. We have four bed rooms upstairs and one is occupied by Teresa (as her maids room downstairs is our storage room and I can't even imagine where to put all those things if Teresa is to move downstairs). So far, the kids are sharing room and it is fine, I am more wondering about the design, whether to get a bunk bed or a trundle bed just to save space. As we rarely have guests, we are using the kids room as guest room (it has an en suite bathroom too, so very convenient) and the kids sleep on an air mattress. The thought of today is now to turn the office into Elias room and he would have to share desk space with his Dad. Hubby sometimes needs to study, especially when he has his training courses and simulator sessions but that would be mostly during the day, when Elias is at school anyway. We would only need to put in a new bed in the office and some new shelves. Well, food for thought. That will keep my mind busy for some time, until I decide to leave it as it is.
I also looking for a dresser/drawer for the bedroom where I can put my jewellery boxes, perfumes and also use as a work space when the kids are taking over the office. I don't use my lap top very often while at home, it is enough to sit in front of a screen at work, but sometimes I edit photos, blog or do other stuff that requires a desk and a proper lap top instead of an ipad (and I am not a huge fan of my ipdad, I must admit. I think Joli uses it more frequently than I do).
This week is quiet as all the top managers are attending a meeting in Stockholm (my company is Swedish so their annual management meeting is always held there). I am trying to catch up on stuff since I got back from vacation. Last night, I and the girls headed off to Toshi's for a sushi buffet. I love their sushi buffet and I am a regular there since they started their sushi nights. Toshi's is located in the excellent Grand Millennium Hotel at Al Barsha. They also host the Belgian Beer Café, which is a popular bar/hang out with great food and an impressive beer list (of course). We were not disappointed this time either, gorgeous sushi displayed along with Asian salads, kimchi and sashimi and in a different section, teppanyaki, tempura and dim sum. We rounded off with some nice desserts before heading back home as it was getting late (and the restaurant staff had basically closed down everything).
Today I dropped off Joli at a friends' house as they are off to Kidzania. I have tons to do at work so will probably stay late.
And of course I forgot to take pics of our sushi buffet so here is another photo from Greece...!
The beach promenade in Nea Makri


  1. Trevliga aktiviteter du har för dig:) Sushi gillar jag också, men är så besviken på den jag äter i Svedala. I KL: kunde jag finna bra ställen där mina japanska grannar rekommenderade. Kram

  2. That's too bad...would have loved to see that sushi buffet!!! Is it once a week? Sounds great to me!
    I'm definitely not in a fall mood yet even though it's cooled off considerably which is lovely!
    Have a great remaining week!

  3. Härligt med sa mycket motivation och manga nya idéer. Jag har mycket jag skulle vilja göra här hemma men jag tycker att det är sa svart och sa far jag ju aldrig ändan ur...
    Lycka till!