Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Back to school

Official school start yesterday and I have never seen so many happy parents! I decided to bring the kids there in the morning and send them home in the bus. Elias immediately saw some friends and disappeared before I knew it. Joli was a bit more anxious until she spotted some old friends from KG and relaxed a bit. All Grade 1 teachers met the kids outside the cafeteria (it was insanely hot to stand there, waiting). They then brought all the kids inside to their respective classroom where us parents were kind of left to our own devices outside.
Changing schools is a quite common thing here in Dubai, for various reasons. Sometimes kids will not get admitted to their first choice of school and have to be put on a waiting list. This could go on for a year or even longer as it all depends on how popular the school is and their admission policy. The international schools offer either American curriculum, international curriculum with IB or British curriculum. We have chosen an IB school and one of four authorized schools in the world and the only authorized school in the UAE to offer all four IB programmes (Primary Years, Middle Years, Diploma Program and Career- related Certificate). I can now see the results of the IB years with Elias since he has been with Greenfield Community School since Grade 1. The way they encourage the children to be open minded, creative and taking risks is amazing. During the semester, the students have to complete several projects. Last year they created a board game based on their knowledge of the human body and they also had to make their own invention and describe the process behind it, how it works and its advantages. There was also role play where they could select a historic character and dress like that person and describe an ordinary day in that person's life. Elias loves this kind of work and they do all sorts of research in class and at home before the project ends with some form of exhibition where parents are invited to admire their work.



  1. Det där med skolan verkar vara en hel snårskog...antar att det är enkalre när man är mitt uppe i det!

  2. Imorron börjar barnen skolan här, de går i brittisk skola. Skolval är verkligen svårt, speciellt när man flyttar mellan olika system och det ska fungera relativt smärtfritt akademiskt för lite äldre barn...

  3. Precis som Marina skrev, det verkar vara en snårskog med skolan. Hursomhelst är det en speciell känsla att alltid börja skolan för oss alla.

  4. Här har skolorna ocksa dragit igang nu i veckan sa nu är det full fart igen!
    Hoppas dina barn far ett jättebra skolar!

  5. Att välja skola till barnen var inte helt lätt. De ska trivas, lära sej nåt och helst ska skolan också ha gott renommé´

  6. Vad kul att det verkar fungera så bra! Kram Nilla