Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Hubby's garden project and a breakfast meeting

Hubby has a new project, to build a green house in our garden! He has been experimenting for a while with various vegetables and with various results. During the summer months it is simply too hot and the plants die in the sun. The solution is a green house, covered with a thick fabric that will keep the sun away but still allow for air and some light. This is where our tomato, chili and sugar snaps will grow. I have to admit that he has been very successful despite the hot summer. We have enjoyed homegrown tomatoes, corn, basil, rosemary, chili, capsicum, sugar snaps, long beans and strawberries and it is a special feeling to eat vegetables from your own garden. Hopefully the survival rate of his plants will be higher now with their new "house".
Yesterday, Elias and his friend B helped out to remove old bricks and make way for new pots and today the work will continue.
I have very little to do with our garden, I am not a garden person at all, except that I enjoy looking at it, and eating whatever it produces.... We are buying some more pots to put outside the green house and I am also thinking of hanging some small flower baskets on the wall to brighten it up.
Yesterday we had our first shamal in months. A shamal is a strong sandstorm and if you have seen "Mission Impossible 4 Ghost Protocol", you get an idea of what it is like. The sky goes all dark and sand is literally flying everywhere. It was over in an hour though, leaving everything covered in sand.
Despite the storm, we managed to host a smaller BBQ yesterday. We had a great evening, the kids were playing around and Elias, who was home sick yesterday, got a bit overwhelmed with the school start, homework and being tired so there was a slight meltdown before bedtime. This morning he seemed to be fine though and went to school.
I attended a breakfast meeting at Thomson Reuter's yesterday about anti money laundering. It was very interesting I must admit and I am looking forward even more to my diploma course that starts next week! I actually didn't think that anti money laundering and compliance could be so interesting!
School activities have kicked off and Joli is enrolled in her swimming class and Elias will resume his guitar lessons. Good to be back on track!
The green house

Sun roof to protect the plants

Inside the green house

Finally the weather is cooling down and we can sit outside


  1. Duktig man! Vi är bada usla pa bade trädgard och handarbete.

    Ja skolstarten innebär mycket nytt, mycket stress och mycket känslor. Inte alltid sa lätt att smälta allt och vänja sig.


  2. Ja han ar valdigt handig maken nar det kommer till tradgarspyssel och att bygga saker. Jag kan knappt ta hand om en plastvaxt!