Thursday, September 12, 2013

Recipes, how to store them?

Happy Joli waiting for the school bus

Serious pre- teen Elias with hair gel...
Since I'm working, the kids take the bus to school and it stops conveniently outside our doorstep. They also get dropped off at the same spot!
Yesterday, Elias was working on a school project, to take research notes and write a poster about an artist (he chose Salvador Dali) and I was flicking through my old issues of "Skona hem" and "Lantliv", chasing new recipes. These are now waiting to be properly added to my recipe file, which will probably take another couple of months. How do you store your recipes? In neat files or crammed together in a folder? I started the whole project off earlier this year by typing them and then printing off and put in nice plastic folders but as the collection expands, I am not sure if I have the time to re-type them or if I should just glue them to some nice paper. Sometimes it is nice to keep the original picture, at least to get an idea what it is supposed to look like!
Today it's Thursday and I am so looking forward to the weekend! Elias and Joli are invited to a birthday party on Saturday and we are meeting up at Mall of the Emirates for pizza and then an afternoon movie. Tonight I'm heading out to meet up with Mitzie Mee to hear all about her adventures in Vegas and LA!


  1. Helt fel person att svara på frågan om hur jag förvarar recept - överallt i något slags "drällande lösbladssystem" - dock ej att rekommendera!!

  2. I store them in a great little app called Food Planner. I've also heard of people who simply take a photo of the written recipe and store it in a separate folder online. I love being ableto browse through recipes at work when planning dinner or in the store when buying groceries. And when I cook I often just bring out my tablet and read the recipes off it.

  3. Tusen tack för alla söta hälsningar! det värmer!
    Jag har fixat ett scrapbooking-album där jag skriver recepten för hand med silverpenna, men nu vra det längesen jag pysslade med det, kanske dags att ta upp igen?!

    Tycker det är så psännande att höra om er vardag nere i Dubai. min man var där på jobbresa förra hösten och blev väldans sugen på att åka dit igen, så nu hopaps jag vi kommer oss dit när barnen blir lite större....


  4. I överfulla pärmar. Och resten i högar lite överallt. Inte optimalt. Maste rensa!!! För man gör ju ända ungefär samma hela tiden.

  5. I have two binders with plastic covers. For about 20+ years I've kept this going, anytime I spot a recipe in a magazine or newspapers, or anywhere that I can cut it out, rip it out, or photo copy it if it's in a book. (but some publishers are getting annoyingly sneeky and use a color to print the text of a recipe in a color that doesn't copy) But it's a problem whenever I travel to one of my childrens and then decide to cook something other than the tried and true. I used to print recipes up off the internet and then stick them into the binders, but then I found a site called -, and that is much more mobile, all I need is a computer and not even my own. So it's handy that way. But then came along and now I store things there. But I have found that alot of sites that I have pinned a recipe from are no longer functioning. So now I've started to copy them into my binder and onto It's alot of work.
    There's a program called snipit that will copy pictures and text from sites that you can't otherwise copy from that is useful. As well as if I see something in a library book I take a pic of the recipe pic with my cell phone (and all my pic's on the phone go automatically into another program called dropbox (that can be accessed either through your cell phone app or your computer) so that then the pic can be transfered onto and then copy the text manually into and then.......I print up a copy for my binder and then transfer the whole mess into a file on So ....In a perfect world and plan I SHOULD have every recipe I spot or are interested in stored 3 ways.,, and my binder. Cause I like a hard copy that I can hang on a peg on the cupboard while I am cooking. I have a hard copy also cause I just don't really trust the other sites cause currently they are free but who knows what will happen to them in the future. There are days.......where I am looking for a recipe and have to look at all three and finally find it. It's soooooo much work and really one needs to be organized. Something I'm not.....
    Sorry this got so long, hope it was helpful

  6. Nice seeing you again! Those Tiki puka pukas are dangerous! :)

  7. Marina: Jag hade samma system innan men var tvungen att ta tag I min stora hog!

    Anonymous: That is a great idea! Sometimes I don't have the recipe at hand when I'm shopping which can be frustrating so I'll try this!

    Nazima: Onskar jag var kreativ men tyvarr sa har jag inte tid annars brukar jag onska att jag kunde handskriva alla recept I en fin bok.
    Tack sjalv for fina kommentarer!!!

    Martina: Nar jag var gravid med Elias sa spenderade jag mycket tid och sorterade alla parmar och utklipp och han val précis klart innan han foddes. Sedan dess har det varit sporadiskt (Elias ar 10 ar nu...) :)

    Fiftyfinally: Thanks for great ideas! I realize I still a bit behind when it comes to online storing and using apps. I will have to look into this more! I feel very advanced just by typing them on my computer :):)

    Mitzie Mee: It was great meeting up again and apologies for my sudden alcohol intolerance. I was quite disappointed with myself not even being able to finish one drink!!!!