Thursday, September 19, 2013

The great Ossigeno party

The other night I was invited to a cocktail party event with Mitzie Mee at the Royal Meridien. We were greated at the door with bubbly and waiters kept serving an endless supply of delicious nibbles. I have never been to any launching event before, I have to admit, so it was a very interesting (and yummy) experience!

Me and Mitzie Mee

Yesterday I attended the "back to school night". It is an evening session where the parents have a chance to meet up with the teachers and hear about this year's program and the expectations and objectives. It is very useful and at least provides you with an idea of what the kids will be doing for the next academic year. 
Today it's finally the weekend which I am looking forward too even more this week as it has been quite hectic. Hubby is coming back from Sweden on Sunday evening and I am already looking forward to Swedish treats (falu sausage and crisps!). Elias has an assignment to hand in on Sunday so I suspect we will be working on that one as well.
Happy Thursday everyone! 

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