Saturday, October 19, 2013

First Hotel Linne Uppsala

We stayed at First hotel Linne while in Uppsala. I don't how many times I have passed that hotel when I lived in Uppsala, either by bike or by walking and it had the cute look of a small town hotel which always appealed to me. It was therefore a simple choice when we had to stay overnight in Uppsala.
I can imagine in the summer, with the garden open and its immediate vicinity to the beautiful Linne Garden makes a big difference. Uppsala is not that big, so walking from the Central Station to our hotel took around 20 min with two slightly bored kids and one suitcase!
The reception area is modern and quite inviting and the bistro and bar area looks very new and modern. The rooms were a bit more disappointin and I'm not sure what it was missing. From a comfort point of view, it fulfilled its purpose with two single beds and one extra bed and we also had two windows facing Skolgatan to bring in lots of light. It was just very dull and unpersonal. The room reminded me more of some sort of institution, almost a hospital. The bathroom was big and clean but lacked every trace of personal touch.
Since we were invited for dinner that night, we didn't get the chance to try out the bistro.
The breakfast was good, but again, the breakfast room reminded me more of a hospital or a retirement home than an actual hotel. The staff were very friendly and made "plättar" for the kids and I enjoyed eggs, yoghurt, cold cuts and juice.
All in all, we had a good stay at First Hotel Linne and I would also recommend this hotel if you are in Uppsala for a couple of nights.
This amazing goodie bag awaited us in the room from aunt K and cousin E, so sweet!

First Hotel Linne
Skolgatan 45
750 02 Uppsala
Tel: + 46 18 10 20 00


  1. I lördags dog min 3åriga sons och min man i cancer pga läkarslarv och feldiagnostisering. detta hade ej behövt hända. hoppas du vill hjälpa mig sprida denna insamling till cancer fonden, blogga eller dela gärna. inga barn ska behöva mista sin förälder i denna vidriga sjukdom.

  2. Härlig Sverigetur ni är på. Både Stockholm och Uppsala är ju väldigt mysiga och trevliga städer. Så gulligt av moster och kusin att de fixat goodiebag! Ha det fortsatt fint. Kram

  3. Ni verkar ha haft fullt upp och trevligt! Kram