Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

This week started off with two days of Module 2 of my Diploma course. It is quite nice with a break from a regular work day so I had been looking forward to connect with my fellow course mates again, not to mention the nibbles and the buffet lunch! This Module only lasted for two days and ended with an assignment. We have one month to complete the assignment though.
Hubby and I went to parent teacher conferences for both kids and all in all, it was good. Elias' teacher said he wasn't motivated enough and wanted to finish things as fast as possible so he could go outside and play. Well, he is a 10 year old boy, what does he expect? Otherwise he had made progress with his reading and he is doing good in both French and Arabic. Joli is also doing well, her reading is improving and she is very good at maths. So I guess we will have to be satisfied with that and continue to encourage them with their school work.
Yesterday, I and friend T and Mitziemee went to the Belgian Beer Café at Madinat Jumeirah. We enjoyed a few beers and an excellent fish gratin; salmon, mussels all covered in a creamy white sauce and topped with mashed potatoes. It was so delicious but quite filling with all that mashed potatoes, so neither of us could finish the large portions.
Today it's Halloween and the kids have for the first time carved a pumpkin which will sit on the porch later today when the trick or treat event stars. We have bought tons of candy as it gets quite busy in the compound with all the kids. Joli is going as a vampire (inspired by Mavis from the movie "Hotel Transylvania") and Elias got himself a scary mask. I am putting on hubby's clothes to become pilot for one night at the neighbours' Halloween party.
Grandma is on her way to Dubai and is scheduled to arrive past midnight. So we have a very exciting day and night ahead of us!

Vampire Joli

Fish gratin with mussels and salmon


  1. Hoppas ni fick en bra Halloweenkväll!

  2. Skrämmande söta, ju :)
    Ha det fortsatt fint medan vi firar Alla Helgonshelg här hemma.