Wednesday, October 16, 2013


 I know I promised to update the blog from Sweden but the truth is, I have been so busy! We have had the most amazing weekend! A very hectic schedule were every minute was filled with some form of activity but true quality time with friends and family! And Sweden greeted us with the most beautiful weather. The leaves were all brigh yellow and red, the sun was shining and the air was crisp.
We arrived at noon in Stockholm and started the stay with lunch at the central station, Swedish sausage and mashed potatoes! It was divine, this is what I miss the most! After our delicious but not so healthy lunch, we met up with friend P, who was on her way to Luxembourg. We managed to have a quick catch up at the central station before she headed off to the airport and we took the metro to our hotel.
The ticket system has changed completely since I left Stockholm  in 2006.... I bought a 3 day metro card which worked great and apparently kids are riding for free during weekends! Three stops later, we jumped off at Rådmansgatan and walked to our hotel "Hotel Hansson", located at Surbrunnsgatan. I will write more about the hotel in a separate post.
After a quick check in, we headed up to Odenplan for a stroll. The weather was just amazing and I didn't want to miss a minute of it. Kids were less enthusiastic but were bribed with crisps and coke on the way back...
In the evening, a friend from law school came by and we enjoyed a few glasses of wine in the hotel bar while the kids shared a coke and ice cream and Joli was stalking the poor waiter all over the place. After a few drinks, we walked to restaurant Arirang for a Korean meal with more friends. I have been to Arirang before but I must admit that I was a bit disappointed. The food is gorgeous but quite expensive and the amount of side dishes (banchan) is very limited. There is no refill of side dishes either. In other restaurants, this is normally included in the price). The services was also a bit unfriendly. The place was packed though so this is definitely a popular place, but I would probably go somewhere else next time for my Kimchi fix. Despite this, we had a great evening and I met up with friend B that I haven't seen since we left Sweden in 2006.
Since the kids were tired, we decided to go for a night cap at the hotel and the kids could hang out in the hotel room. I think I fell asleep before my head even hit the pillow, I was so tired.


  1. Ah sa mysigt med nagra dagar i Stockholm!! Och vilket härligt väder. Ni maste dock ha tyckt att det var svinkallt. Det blir ju en ganska stor kontrast fran Dubai!

  2. Du verkar ha haft härliga och upptagna dagar i Stockholm. Nä, man hinner inte alltid blogga då livet är fullt upp, men å andra sidan så skall det väl vara å? Synd att vi inte råkades, då jag nu är i Stockholm! Kram

  3. Härligt att få se hösten från sin bästa sida!

  4. Samme med banchan i Danmark. Man får 3 små portioner og ingen refill. Tag med på Sonamu i Dubai, -der er det kimchi unlimited!