Thursday, November 28, 2013

Dubai wins Expo 2020

Yesterday was a big moment for Dubai it was announced that the city will host the Expo 2020. Dubai was competing against Sao Paolo, Brazil, Yekaterinburg, Russia and Izmir, Turkey. I have to admit that I have not followed this in my detail until yesterday, when it all of a sudden became very exciting and we were all anxiously waiting for the winner to be announced from Paris.
People started celebrating and Burj Khalifa exploded in a magnificent firework show.

Photo from Gulfnews
Not too long after, it was decided that all educational institutions are to be closed today, Thursday to celebrate the victory. Confused emails and messages were sent back and forth between the parents, are we supposed to send the kids to school or not? Later that evening, our school (among all the other schools) confirmed that they were closed today.
Since the kids already got Sunday and Monday off due to the national day celebrations, they were supposed to perform various Arabic songs and celebrate the UAE national day today, that will now be postponed until Tuesday when school resumes.

Well, this is Dubai. All of a sudden there is a public holiday announced to celebrate an important event. It is unpredictable but also fun, anything can happened. Sometimes it's annoying, most of the times it's quite fun. I am just hoping that they will give the private sector one more day off as well!

When announcing public holidays, they divide it into a public and a private sector. The public sector is governmental institutions, schools etc. and the private sector is regular companies. The public sector always gets a few more days off than the private. I guess it is due to the fact that most holidays here are religious and the governmental sector has a larger percentage of Emiratis rather than the private sector. The announcement is made in the newspaper (as it is most of the time depending on the moon sightings) and the public sector is announced a few days before the private sector. This arrangement makes is quite difficult to plan ahead, as you don't have a fixed date and you are not sure how many days will be given.

I am excited though to see what these coming seven years will bring in terms of preparations. Congratulations Dubai!


  1. Congratulations Dubai on winning the Expo 2020. I followed the event live on the Expo Dubai website. It was quite exciting actually and the fireworks were impressive!
    It must be a bit confusing/frustrating at times when public holidays are announced at such short notice.
    Happy Thanksgiving & hoppas att ni far en underbar langhelg!
    Kramar, Lisa

  2. Skönt, men lite märkligt att man bara kan bestämma att stänga skolorna pga en san anledning.

  3. Kul idé det där med att införa helgdagar med en dags varsel - undrar om det går att införa i Sverige...;)