Sunday, November 24, 2013

Fiesta for a cause

Yesterday, I and Mitzie Mee met up at Rosso Amore restaurant at Downtown Burj Khalifa to enjoy some truly delicious Filipino food. As I have written before, PinayFlyingHigh organized a wonderful brunch to raise money for the Haiyan/Yolanda typhoon victims in the Philippines. Since I brought princess Joli along, there was not much time for photos, however, you can read more on Mitzie Mee's blog. I also met two other Dubai based bloggers, Undefined Declarations and Lil from What I just Love and again I realized how amazing the blog world is. We started chatting immediately and the idea of organising a blog mingle event for Dubai based bloggers soon materialised. Wouldn't it be fantastic to gather all these amazing bloggers in one place, exchange tips, ideas and share some wonderful food from our home countries? With the upcoming Christmas madness and other stuff, we have aimed for January next year.
It was really amazing to see how people gather for a good cause like this. Outside there were several boxes where you could donate clothes and other items. And of course we had the pleasure of meeting the fantastic person behind this event, Naemi!


  1. Sounds like fun! Nothing better than giving while having fun :) Have a great week!


  2. Hey Pia,

    It was really great to meet you and I am very glad that you enjoyed it. I'm waiting for the final date of our little blogger's soiree. :D

    See you soon again I hope.