Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Help the Philippines- attend a brunch in Dubai to raise money!

The tragedy in the Philippines cannot be described with words. Our Teresa's family is from Cebu and they were severely affected by the typhoon. Luckily, all her relatives are alive but they have lost everything. Many of the maids in our compounds have not heard anything from their families yet. Everyone is trying their best to help with money donations and boxes that will be sent to various aid organisations.

I also would like to advertise this event, taking place in Dubai next Friday the 22 November at the Rosso Amore Restaurant. It is arranged by the Dubai blogger Pinay Flying High. The price of the ticket is AED60 where AED30 will be donated to this cause while the other half is to pay for all the  food.

You can read more on the Pinay Flying High Blog or the event's Facebook page!


I woke up today and saw a lot of devastating photos and videos on my Facebook feed about the recent calamity to hit my beloved Philippines. I got tired of seeing the shared posts of people on Facebook about ways how to help #YolandaPH victims. I realized that I wanted to take action and actually do something and not just share the information on how to help in the hopes of having someone else do it. So I am going to host my own charity event


  1. Helt fruktansvärt det som hänt. Dessutom så hemskt att hjälpen inte verkar nå fram. Vi åker till Filippinerna på semester i slutet av december. Vi kommer förstås inte åka till de drabbade områdena, men hoppas att det ändå hjälper övriga delar av landet att turisterna fortsätter att komma och spendera sina pengar i landet.

  2. Sa fruktansvärt. Stackars stackars människor.
    Fint att inte bara donera pengar utan även kunna delta pa ett bra sätt.