Monday, December 30, 2013


I had the opportunity to visit beautiful Georgia in January, what an amazing country!

My dear Dad passed away in March. I miss you so much Daddy but you will always be in our hearts <3 p="">

We spent two weeks in Greece, in this amazing house

New York city in May with my friend M
Any reflections of 2013? Well, a few of course. It was an overwhelming year in many ways. My Dad passed away in March, it all happened very sudden and came as a shock to all of us. But how can you prepare for such a thing anyway? During this time I also learned the value of friendship and who I could trust, and also who I could not trust. I bit of a brutal and bitter awakening. But all in all good, now I know!
I was offered a new job and I remember one of the last conversations I had with Dad, he was so proud and excited for me. I truly enjoy the new job, I have learned a lot, still learning, I have great colleagues and the working environment is great.
In May, I had the opportunity to fly off to New York and meet up with my friend M! We spent the days in various shopping districts and the nights in different restaurants. The only bad thing that week was the weather!
I and the kids flew to Greece for our summer holiday, spending lazy days at the island of Poros and rented a beautiful house outside of Marathonas together with friends T and S with families. It was the perfect vacation, great company, food, relaxing days by the pool, swimming in the ocean, day time trips to Nea Makri and Marathonas and rounded off with two days in Athens.
The fall has been busy with work and school. Elias is doing his last year in Primary. My little first born will be starting Middle Year Program next year!! And my baby Joli started Grade 1 and she just loves it.
We celebrated Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas with our near and dear ones and again it feel so truly blessed with our friends, our community and our life here.
I wish you all a very blessed and healthy 2014.


  1. Looks like we all had our ups and downs this 2013.. wishing you and family a better and more successful 2014. How was X'mas? We all had lunch at Medzo and stayed for 3 hours! So much food.. too much actually but most important thing is that the kids had so much fun with their presents.. we actually bought a piano for the twins.. they were so happy and now our ears (mine and hubby's) and not too happy with them playing at odd times of the day! Hope your X'mas was a blast and have a good new year, Pia!

  2. Thanks Mrs C!! We had a wonderful Christmas, tons of food and drinks and lovely company throughout the holidays! What a great present for the twins! I bet they were thrilled (and I also bet your ears are a bit sore :)).
    Wishing you a happy new year and hope we can arrange for a blogger's event sometime soon! xx

  3. Vilken fin sammanställning av året, i ord och bild. Tråkigt med din pappa, som jag har sagt förut - men roligt med fina minnen för övrigt av året.

    1. Tack Christian! Gott nytt ar onskar jag dig och din sambo ocksa!!

  4. Kære du
    Vil bare lige ønske dig et godt nytår og håber at 2014 bliver et helt fantastisk år for dig og din familie :-)
    Kram Jeanette

    1. Tack Jeanette!! Onskar det samma och ser fram emot att folja dig nasta ar!

  5. Tack än en gång för New York!! Önskar dig ett gott nytt år och hoppas att 2014 bjuder på många nya fina minnen för dig och dina nära och kära! Du är en super cool kvinna och en toppen vän! Kram M

    1. Awww, nu borjar jag grina! Tack sjalv fina du, vilken harlig resa det var!!! Vi ar sjalvklart coolast och du ar ocksa en fantastisk van!!! Se till att komma hit snart sa vi far hitta pa mer skoj! Kram!!!!!

  6. Ett härligt år till ända! Önskar dig ett riktigt Gott Nytt År!

  7. wow what a year. I'm sorry to hear of your dad's passing. That is tough to handle no matter when it happens.
    I wish you the best in 2014!

  8. Önskar dej och de dina ett riktigt Gott Nytt 2014
    Så precis fyrverkerierna från Dubai, på nyheterna - riktigt maffigt!
    Ha det bäst

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