Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Assignment deadline

My assignment is due in two days. Needless to say, I'm busy. I get flash backs from university were I would stay up all night, drinking lots of coffee and swear at myself for leaving it until last minute. This time I don't have much of a choice, work takes up most of my day (though I try to some research in between my work tasks as the assignment is somehow work related) and family takes up the evening. Submission date is tomorrow, I still have a few more questions to finalise and worrying enough, my answers change every
time I look at them... Not good.
See you all soon, post submission date!


  1. Good luck! Keeping my fingers crossed that you will be able to hand it in on time...what is it that you are working on? I know the feeling...I usually leave everything until the last minute as well...
    Kramar, Lisa

  2. Lycka till!! (och tänk på vad härligt det kommer att bli när de här dagarna har gått!)

  3. Ahh förstar stressen. Stort lycka till!

  4. Hoppas att det går bra för dig!

  5. Held og lykke! Er sikker på at du acer den:)