Monday, December 16, 2013

Business projects- the LED.Wallet

Elias has just finished his summative assessment for this term. The assignment was to develop a product or a service and then write a business plan with your supply chain, funding, budget etc. and present it to the class. Everyone had to dress up in business attire, record a three minute long video sequence where they were presenting their proposal and submit that to the school drop box. Yesterday, the whole class was watching everyone's proposal and then voted for two students to go to the final. Elias and his friend K got selected and this morning, dressed in business suit (a pair of chinos, Hubby's tie and my blazer), they were presenting their products in front of the school principal and the PYP coordinator (and the entire Grade 5). Needless to say, my dear son was more than nervous and had a complete melt down yesterday before he went to bed. Parents were invited to the event but I was not even allowed to come near the school.
Elias had decided to develop an LED.Wallet which is a wallet with a small LED- light, the perfect solution if you are somewhere in the dark and cannot find your credit card or money. As soon as you open your wallet, the small LED- light goes off, similar to Christmas or birthday cards that sing a song as soon as you open them.
Sometimes I think the school projects are quite silly and not very well connected with either the kids age or ability, but this time I must admit they did a good job . The children were offered a chance to develop something themselves and present their ideas in front of an audience with arguments and facts to support their product. I am quite curious to find out how it went, will keep you all posted!

A slightly more relaxed Elias before recording his video


  1. What a great idea to develop an LED Wallet!!! I could definitely use something like that. You must be so proud of Elias! Good job! What a smart kid!
    Looking forward to your update on how the presentation went.

  2. Kul med ett skolarbete som tilltalar den jreativa sidan, och vilken härlig och bra idé!

  3. Wow vilket projekt! Hoppas att det gatt jättebra!

  4. Härligt inlägg:) jag vill önska dig en underbart mysig jul och ett gott nytt bloggår:)

    Ha nu en fin långhelg.

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