Sunday, December 29, 2013

Family time- water parks and cup cakes

We had promised the children a visit to Wild Wadi water park a long time ago. But back then it was too hot so we decided to wait until later, which happened to be today. Wild Wadi is located next to Jumeirah Beach Hotel and in front of Burj Al Arab. The park offers 30 rides and attractions for all the family, including the "free fall" Jumeirah Sceirah, various water slides and is one of the main tourist attractions (something we noticed today...). Wild Wadi is themed around the tale of Juha, a known character from the Arabian folklore. I have to admit that it was a bit cold in the water and we had to stand in the sun and warm up between rides. The kids had a great time though, we tried all the rides, had lunch, went on more rides and finally gave up around 3, when the amount of people had increased significantly and hubby looked a bit panicked. The last time we visited Wild Wadi was in 2008 when we had just arrived in Dubai. Elias was 5, he barely passed the limit of 110 cm which is the requirement for being allowed on all rides. Joli was in her stroller, just a year and a half.
When you arrive, you recieve a plastic watch to carry around your arm wrist and to allow you in and out of the park. You can also add money for food and drinks to avoid the hazzle of carrying around money or running back and forth to the locker room whenever cash is required. The park has changing rooms and lockers to keep personal belongings, towels etc. They also rent out towels for the day and there are several sun beds spread all over the park whenever you need a rest between the rides.
As we got home, Joli and I started our baking project. Santa brought her a baking book for Christmas and she was very eager to try out a recipe. We decided to make chocolate cup cakes and as you can see, they did not quite look the same as in the book.... Joli took more interest in doing the dishes and I finished off the cup cakes and my decorating skills are not quite up to scratch....

My little chef


  1. Söta Joli! Emma fick ocksa ett cupcake set i julklapp! Vi har dock inte hunnit testa det ännu.

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