Monday, December 2, 2013

First of Advent outing

We enjoyed a day off yesterday to celebrate the 42nd birthday of the UAE. I and friend T decided to go to Dubai Mall for lunch. I'm not a big fan of the Dubai Mall as I find it way too big but they do have some really nice lunch places, just by the dancing fountains and winter time it's nice to sit outside watching the fountains "dance" and enjoy the Downtown Burj Khalifa view.
After a quick stop at H&M, we decided to go to "Carluccio's" for lunch. I have previously written about Carluccio's and the place did not disappoint this time either. We both ordered the creamy seafood risotto it was indeed very creamy, with plenty of seafood and hints of garlic. Even though the portion looks small, I could not finish it but I was very happy with my choice and Carluccio's once again proved their quality when it comes to good food!  It is a pity you can't enjoy a nice glass of wine with your meal though.
Restaurants that are located inside hotels and/or hotel premises are allowed to serve alcohol but restaurants and cafes in the malls or out on the streets do not have permission to do so.
Creamy seafood risotto

It is getting closer to hubby's big day! On the 11th of December, dear hubby turns 50 and of course that needs to be celebrated. We are just trying to figure out the menu but I'm thinking a BBQ buffet with steaks, ribs, boerewors (a South African sausage) and some baked potatoes, salads etc. Hubby is not so thrilled over the fact that he is half a century old....
Yesterday, we also lit the first Advent candle and Joli opened her first little bag in her gift calendar. It turned out to be a little chocolate teddy bear. I'm not sure what is "wrong" with my daughter but she is not a big fan of sweet candy or chocolates (she loves salty stuff though, just like her Mum...). So the chocolate teddy accidentally went into my lunch bag and will be perfect company for my afternoon coffee break!


  1. Den där risotton ser verkligen god ut!

  2. Den inte bara ser god ut, det låter gott också "creamy seafood risotto"...

  3. Mina döttrar gillar INTE saltlakrids. Däremot älskar vi allihopa choklad!