Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas- God jul!

I have finally reached some kind of Christmas mood. The weekend was spent in Mirdif City Centre and Mall of the Emirates, frantically looking for gifts, especially for sweet Joli. Her biggest wish is a new computer so she can play Minecraft with the boys. Well, that will have to wait for a few more years. She is only 6. I found some new clothes, some underwear with My Little Pony, a book. The pile under our small tree is getting bigger. Funnily enough, as I swore last year that we should limit the amount of gifts. Didn't work this year either.
Last night we were hosting a small Swedish Christmas dinner with the classic "julbord". I took the day off and dedicated the entire day to making Jansson's Temptation, meatballs and beet root salad. It was lovely to spend the day in the kitchen, no stress, Christmas music on loud and kids running in and out with their friend. In the evening, my friend A came by with her boys and we enjoyed our Christmas dinner and rounded off outside by the fire.
Later today, we are celebrating with our friend T (as usual) with wonderful deep fried turkey, Southern style.
I wis you all a Merry Christmas! Från oss alla till er alla en riktigt god jul!
The tree, still going strong. We bought it in Singapore, the Christmas before Joli was born

Hubby's birhtday gift from my Mum, an orchid

The tree from another angle...

The beautiful orchid



  1. En riktigt god jul till dig och din familj! Kram Nilla

  2. Wishing you and your family a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!
    En riktigt GOD JUL tillönskas av Lisa

    1. Tack Lisa och detsamma onskas dig!!! Kram!!

  3. Replies
    1. God jul! Jajamensan, jag har kimchi cravings!

  4. Jag önskar dig en riktigt god fortsättning!