Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Diploma course in ....eating?

My Diploma course in financial crime is coming to an end. We have just finished module 4 and only one left before the final exam in February. I must say that I will miss it, these three days every month when you leave the office and interact with people outside your business area is quite refreshing. I have made great friends already and shared many laughs during sessions and breaks.
The venue had changed from Habtoor Grand to The Westin and Westin never disappoints, even when you are there for a compliance course. We enjoyed coffee breaks with lovely nibbles and a grand lunch buffet every day. The conference room was bright and pleasant, not freezing cold like the previous place where we all sat wrapped in scarves and jackets.
Some things have annoyed me though, for instance people cannot seem to show up on time. And we start at 9, so it's not like they have to get up in the middle of the night. Keeping the coffee breaks and lunch breaks to a certain time limit also seems to be difficult as half of the class is missing when it is time to start again. Some people run in and out (we all have our phones and need to attend to emails and urgent calls) but some do it more frequent than others. Participants start chatting with each other during the session and interrupt the lecturer and someone pulls up his/her lap top in the middle of the session and start working on something else. Disrespectful, is my opinion. If you attend a training session, at least have the decency to arrive on time, try to avoid phone calls and don't interrupt in the middle of the session. The course organizers also leave a lot to wish for. They run in and out, go for coffee and cigarette breaks now and then and do not seem to care much about the course content.
Enough with the rant, all in all I am very happy with the course and feel I have learned a lot.
Tomorrow I'm back in the office again, lots of work to do after these three blissful days.


  1. Ja vissa människor saknar den där biten med vanligt folkvett... tyvärr.

  2. Jag vet inte om det stämmer, men tyvärr verkar det vara en lite asiatisk ådra det där med att inte hålla tider och att inte kunna låta bli sin mobiltelefon. Att gå på bio här innebär ungefär det samma, med undantag för att de inte går ut och fixar med telefonen, utan gör det sittande i biosalongen!

  3. Ja, jag ler och instämmer. Det saknas ibland väldigt mycket! ;)