Monday, January 6, 2014

Kick start to the new year

Two weeks of holiday bliss is over and we are back to a full working week again. Not only that, I have my deadline for the second assignment coming up very soon.
Everyone seems to be back in the office, which is quite nice as sitting here alone was depressing and sad. Now the corridors are busy again with people running here and there.
The weather has been cold. I seem to forget how cold it actually gets every December (not to compare with any cold weather in Scandinavia of course, but for us, it's cold). I realized how thin my blood has become after nearly 8 years abroad.
School started yesterday which means that the home work routine will begin next week (and that usually involves the entire family...). Elias has a school camp to look forward to in February, two days away from us with the rest of Grade 5, somewhere out in the desert.
I'm afraid there is nothing more inspiring for the moment from my side. I better get on with work and my assignment. Have a great week!

A photo from a small outdoor café in my hometown Kinna. The photo has nothing to do with the rest of the text but I just love it as it reminds me of home...


  1. That outdoor cafe is adorable! Happy New Year!

  2. Underbar bild på cafeet! Jag har släkt i Nittorp och vi var en del i de bygderna på marknader osv när jag var barn.