Saturday, February 1, 2014

I have moved!!

Exciting times ahead for exPIAtriatewife! I have moved to my own domain (with the great help of Mitzie Mee of course) who spent most of Friday afternoon moving my blog to its own domain!
Bear with me as it will probably take a while before everything is up and running and I have all my photos and blog rolls etc where I want to. I do hope you will continue to follow me because my blog would be nothing without all of you guys, my dear friends and readers.

From now on you will find me on:



  1. Den nya ser bra ut. Lycka till med bloggandet fortsättningsvis!

  2. Klart jag stannar! (Sådär ska jag göra någon gång när jag känner mig riktigt modig!!)

  3. Yey! Congrats on the new domain! :)

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